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$77.00 CAD

White, Black, Transparent Pearl Micro-Mosaic Purse Hook / Hanger

Don’t fall prey to bad Feng Shui!  “A Purse on the Floor is Money Out the Door.”  Or just avoid the germs of a nasty floor with a piece of mosaic art to hold your purse.

Modern design Italian Millefiori in white & black with a clear middle looking through to a pearly inside all resting in a background of pulled glass 0.5mm-2mm wide.  The pieces sit slightly up from the edge of the sides giving an extra dimension.

Comes with a velvet pouch for protective storage in your purse and unique tin packaging. 

Centimeters:  4.5 w  1.1 h   length of hook 8.5
Inches:  1 3/4 w  6/8 h  length of hook 3 1/4