Growing up, I was the kid that is every mother's worst nightmare to take shopping…the kid who feels the need to touch everything!  Soft, hard, scratchy, smooth - didn't matter, I had to understand the object in a tactile way.  I was also interested in anything creative and explored many areas including music, drawing, writing, and cooking.  I stayed with some of those pursuits for years, but none of them left me completely satisfied.

Then, on a trip to Sicily and Italy, my eyes were opened to a world of mosaics that I’d not known existed.  After viewing the stunning ceiling of Monreale, the bikini girls of the Villa Romana del Casale, and St. Peter’s Cathedral there was no turning back.  I was hooked on learning everything possible about mosaic.

The feel of the tesserae in my hand, the weight of the nippers or hammer, shaping this glass that is at the same time hard and soft, then placing each piece with my fingers.  Mosaic is the perfect combination of my innate need to touch and desire to create.

After spending many years creating computer programs and putting mosaic in the nice hobby realm, the past few years have opened up new opportunities for me to follow this mosaic passion in a more serious manner.

Based in Ottawa, Ontario Canada and while primarily self taught, have taken the following mosaic courses.

Mosaic Art School - Ravenna, Italy    Instructor:  Luciana Notturni
Traditional Techniques - Intensive Course

Orsoni - Venice, Italy    Instructor:  Antonella Gallenda
Master in Mosaic, 2 week workshop

SWH Art Studio - Bell Buckle, TN    Instructor:  Sherri Warner Hunter
Concrete Forms  and   All About Armature

Miami Mosaic Academy - Miami, Florida    Instructor:  Gina Hubler
Portraiture in Mosaic, 3-D Mosaics  and  Fused Glass Mosaic Inclusions