Frequently Asked Questions


I see an item I like – but it says it is sold out. Is it possible for you to make another?

Sometimes, but not always – send us a note via the contact page (or to ) and tell us which one you like and what you’re interested in. A few things to know – no mosaic will ever turn out exactly the same but can be close. Also, we do like to honor the fact that most people like the idea of having a unique piece of art, so we will likely propose to you a slightly modified version of the piece you’re interested in to make it unique for you. Lastly, sometimes some materials are no longer available so we’d have to propose an alternative. Send us a note – we’ll talk about it!

What is your logo?

It is a frog foot! If you want to know why I chose that of all things, read more by clicking here

Tell me about the names of your pieces – they aren’t terribly romantic, just letters and numbers.

Part of my time in university I majored in Physics and Astronomy. I always liked the way the different objects in space were catalogued with a combination of letters and numbers depending on different factors of the object. So that is where the letter / number combo comes from and makes it a little nod toward a former life that I had.

For many of them – in my mind (and sometimes I’ve included it in the description) there is a good name or title for it. But I don’t want you to be influenced by me in how you see the piece. I never liked going into a gallery and seeing massive titles the artist came up with – that many times influenced my like / dislike for a piece or changed my initial reaction. For me – I prefer to see folks having done an “untitled” series or some other non-influencing naming convention. I want your experience with a piece to be yours alone – and someone else’s to be theirs – and mine to be mine. None of us influencing what the other sees or receives from a piece. So – that is why the innocuous names :-)

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and our site has a secure integrated checkout. If, for some reason we’re sending you an invoice ( ex. You’ve already purchased your item and paid for standard shipping but have requested a faster method) we may send you an invoice via PayPal where you can also pay with any major credit card without setting up an account.

What currency do you charge in?

Mercedes Mosaics is based in Canada and charges in Canadian dollars. Your credit card will be charged in Canadian dollars and your credit card company will do a conversion into your home currency. For current exchange rates between the Canadian dollar and your currency – click the following link and enter in the appropriate currency information:

What is your Return Policy?

Refunds or exchanges are offered within 5 days of product receipt based on shipper tracking delivery date. Buyer must send an intent to return notice to Mercedes Mosaics via email & post the item within the 5 days. Item must be returned in original condition and packaging for a full refund minus shipping fees. Buyer is responsible for return shipping which must include tracking and insurance.

You ship from Canada – but I don’t live in Canada, is that an issue?

Not an issue at all. However – your package will have to go through the Customs processing for your country. This can sometimes add delays that we have no control over – especially during high volume times of the year (holidays). It is also possible a Customs fee from your country will be assessed to you – this is also something we have no control over, nor any knowledge of if it will / will not happen. Mercedes Mosaics is not responsible for any Customs fees you may be assessed.

How will my package be shipped?

All jewelry shipments will be sent via Canada Post in a tracked packet (usually a padded envelope) with insurance.

All non-jewelry shipments (wall pieces, etc) will require a shipping quote request to be created before purchase. We’ll research a few shipping options (check different carriers and speeds) and give you a choice. All non-jewelry pieces will be carefully packed in a box with multiple protective layers custom fit to the piece.

After your item ships – you’ll receive via email a notice of shipment as well as the tracking number.

How long will it take to arrive?

For jewelry
Within Canada: about 3 – 6 business days
To the USA: about 5 – 10 business days
Outside North America: it varies widely between 2 weeks – 4 weeks.

*If you’d prefer a faster shipping option for jewelry, just send us an email and we can give you a quote

For all other non-jewelry mosaics, when you receive your shipping quote before purchase, we’ll include a few options so you can choose which carrier / price / speed best suits your needs.

How fast before you actually ship my package?

We do our best to ship your package within 2 business days of payment receipt. If for any reason we cannot ship your item within 2 business days (ex. we’re out of town) then an email will be sent giving you an estimate of when it will be shipped. If you are not satisfied with the later shipping date, then your purchase will be refunded.

I live in / am going to be visiting Ottawa - can I avoid shipping and just pick up my item from you?

Yes absolutely! When you are in your cart, just before proceeding to checkout - there is a space where you can add a note to your order. Just let us know there that you're local (or going to be local on a visit!). You'll still need to checkout as normal and you'll be charged for shipping at the time. But as soon as we receive the order we'll reverse the shipping charge and contact you to make the necessary arrangements. If you’re purchasing a non-jewelry item, just send an email and let me know you’d be a local pickup and we’ll bypass the shipping quote request process.

I like one of your non-jewelry pieces but I can’t add it to the cart – it only gives me the option to Create Shipping Quote Request.
What is this and why do I have to do it?

Good question! Unfortunately we're not connected in real-time with our shippers. For the mosaics (other than jewelry) there is often a vast difference in the cost of shipping between the mosaics themselves due to different sizes / weights and also the location where they are going. Because we cannot estimate the cost of shipping for every country in the world and each potential shipping carrier - and also because we want to provide you with the best shipping price - we ask you complete a shipping quote. If you're still interested in the piece once you know the price to get it to where you live...then we'll be happy to process your credit card and send you the piece!

To complete the process, from the piece you’re interested in, just click on that Create Shipping Quote Request button, fill in the form and hit the button at the bottom to submit it to us. We’ll get back to you within 2 business days with the quote and if you choose to accept the shipping cost - we'll create a link where you can purchase your mosaic and send it to you via email. After the link is created you will have 3 business days in which to complete your purchase - after that time, the link will be removed.

My country didn't have a shipping option in the cart - does this mean you don't ship to my country?

Sorry for the frustration of not finding a shipping option for your country in our cart! We absolutely can ship to you. For your country - we'll just need to research your shipping rate individually. Just send us an email ( ) with the information about the item you wanted and your address, we'll research the best shipping price we can get and email it to you. If you're happy with the shipping cost - then we'll make arrangements to process your order.

Mercedes Mosaics ships from Canada. If you’re not within Canada – your package will need to clear Customs in your country.
What does this mean?

Sometimes, a package can get held up in Customs and delivery is longer than we’ve estimated. We have no control over this and cannot be responsible for a delay caused by Customs processing. It doesn’t happen often – but has a higher chance of occurring during busy shipping times of the year, like the holiday season.

Sometimes your country might charge you a Customs fee (duty and/or taxes) for importing a product. This is also something we have no control over and no knowledge of if it will happen. You as the customer are solely responsible for any Customs fees assessed to you.  This is not a guarantee - but at our last check (October 2014) for the USA, original artwork (not jewelry) was duty free for import.  If you are at all concerned about a customs fee you may asses - check with the customs website for your country prior to ordering.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Unfortunately, no – our system at this time is unable to offer gift certificates.

Can I include a gift note with my jewelry shipment?

Yes. In the checkout process, there is a field where you can add information to an order. Just write in that box that you’d like to include a gift note option in your package and tell us what you’d like it to say. We’ll print your message on a small (about 2” x 3”) piece of cardstock and include it in the shipment. Please also tell us if you’d prefer to not have the invoice (that has the price on it) included in the shipment.

Do you gift wrap items?

All our jewelry items are sent in a unique tin packaging that is suitable for gift giving. To see what the packaging looks like, open up one of our jewelry pages and click on the last picture – you’ll see an example of the type of packaging it comes in (within the shipping envelope!)

For mosaics other than the jewelry – it is not possible for us to gift wrap them and have the gift wrap arrive nicely. This is due to the packaging we must put around the mosaic in order for it to be safe during transit.

I want to order some jewelry for me, but also want to send one to my friend. Can you ship one order to different places? Can this be one checkout process, shipping to multiple addresses?

The best way to ensure the right piece goes to the right address would be to create two separate orders with the different shipping addresses. This will give each of us a solid record of which piece goes where.


A little square of black paper with “3M” written on it came with my jewelry – what is it?

It is an anti-tarnish strip. They’re active for about 6 months, but can keep longer if you keep it sealed in a box or baggie. It just helps keep tarnish from appearing on your jewelry. It is completely non-toxic.

What’s the best way to care for my jewelry?

Storing your jewelry in a cool, dry place (ie. not the bathroom!) is good practice for all your jewelry.

When cleaning – use a clean, soft, dry cloth. You can also use any standard jewelry polishing cloth on our pieces if tarnish occurs (extra info in the next question regarding copper).

Never ever immerse your jewelry in liquids. Also be conscious that your jewelry piece is made with glass – so handle it with care, it is possible it could break if dropped or impacted. Being made of glass – please also take care to not rub the face of the piece with your fingers. It may have some sharper edges – these will dull with time but still not a good idea to rub your finger along them!

I like one of your copper jewelry pieces, but tell me about copper - is it safe to wear, will it turn my skin a color, it is going to turn green like a copper statue?

Copper is actually antimicrobial and won't harm your skin but it does require just a little extra care to keep it clean. Copper, by nature, will oxidize and patina with time. This occurs due to exposure to the air, body oils and sweat.

The good news is - all our copper jewelry has been treated with a special coating designed to prevent this oxidation – it won’t last forever but will last for a very long time. 

To keep it clean, be sure to take off your copper jewelry each night and wipe it with a soft cloth to remove any body oils or sweat. If possible store it in a box or a bag.  Do not ever clean your copper piece with any chemicals (even natural cleaners like lemon juice) as this will potentially remove the coating.