Portfolio Pendants JP574

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Large Pink O Pendant

O shaped pendant in several shades of Pink – including iridescent and 24k Lavender/Pink Gold Leaf Smalti that sparkle and catch the light.  Finished off with a lovely tassel bottom.  The pieces of this pendant sit up away from the edge of the bezel sides giving an extra dimension to its' appearance.

Italian and Mexican Smalti, 24k Lavender/Pink Gold Leaf Smalti on a silver plated base.  Comes with a 66 cm ( 26") chain and unique tin packaging. 

Centimeters:  2.3 w (at widest)  7.5 h (includes bale and tassel)  4 d
Inches:  7/8 w (at widest)  3  h (includes bale and tassel)  4/16 d